Fashion and work mix well, especially for MUNUCCLE !

“MUN is soon, how do you feel? Are you excited? Nervous?” 

Lorena Ferrarii from EEB4 is feeling pretty excited as this year will be her first time being a part of the historical security council, which she has been wanting to join ever since finding out about it at last year’s BRUMUN. She mentions that she is, understandably, a bit nervous, and feeling a bit underprepared as she didn’t realize exactly how soon MUNUCCLE is. However, she is aware of the importance of the council and is determined to do a good job. 

“Do you already know what you’re going to wear?” 

Ferrarii has not exactly planned out her MUNUCCLE outfits, but she does remind us that MUNUCCLE is only 3 days long, and that she thankfully already owns a bunch of conference clothes dying to be worn again. Since she unfortunately lost her favourite conference pants a couple months ago, Lorena will most likely go for a nice, formal skirt paired with a casual blouse and finally a fancy pair of high heels to finish off the look.

Isabel Ion, European School of Laeken

“What I on earth am I going to wear?” was a question that was on the mind of almost every delegate. The boys imagined how dapper they were going to look; one student even used the school’s presidential election as way to practice wearing his suit. Girls spent hours debating whether heels or flats were the way to go or whether a dress or a skirt would make them look the part. In all honesty, even I became a victim and what I was going to wear was a thought that kept invading my mind during times where I should have been focusing on the formula for average velocity on the blackboard in front of me. 

Pearl Lock, European School of Mol

Cette année, le lycée de l’Externat Notre Dame de Grenoble participe à cette conférence pour la première fois qui aura lieu du 4 au 6 octobre. Encadré par trois professeurs, huit élèves de l’Externat Notre Dame ont fait le déplacement jusqu’à Bruxelles. Parmi ces huit lycéens, sept d’entre eux auront le privilège de débattre et de représenter la délégation de l’Ukraine ou la délégation du Pérou dans les différents comités. Depuis des semaines les sept délégués se préparent à défendre vaillamment les intérêts de leurs délégations. 

Antoine Andoque, L’Externat Notre Dame de Grenoble

The organizers have the unique opportunity to incorporate fresh and exciting ideas to further push the boundaries of this popular simulation and encourage our future generation’s interest in diplomacy and international relations. The fact that the administrative staff have ambitiously chosen to embrace the international spirit of the UN, by allowing the conference to run multilingually is a testament to the burgeoning organization that is MUNUCCLE. By accepting languages other than English, a door has been opened for many young and determined students. To find out what else is in store for us, all we can do is eagerly wait for the first day of the conference. One can only hope that along with stimulating and fruitful debates, this event will be full of unforgettable moments, and – of course – a funny gossip box.

Isabel Rommen, EEB4

Rédactrices en chef : Jasmine Charlton et Alexandra Donnelly

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  • 24 octobre 2019 à 10 h 26 min

    Cool to see aspects of the event that aren’t just about the debating!


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