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True talent in our wake

14-year-old Jade has represented the true quality and integrity of the talent which can be found in the European School of Brussels at the famous, well-known singing competition – The Voice!

Jade is a typical European school student, coming from Italy, Germany as well as Belgium itself! She kindly agreed to engage in an interview with us, disclosing a lot of interesting information. Including, what it takes to make it onto the show… and how people’s attitudes change when you encounter the world of celebrities and fame!

What’s your relationship with music? Is it your life-long passion? Or a hobby?

Jade has had a fervently keen interest in music and performing singing. Since the early age of two she was singing and exploring her interest in the every day. As it evolved over the years it became her passion and she realised that she wanted to pursue a career in that field, potentially even participating in musicals!

What process did you have to go through to get on the voice?

Jade recollected to us the lengthy, painstaking process that one must go through in order to obtain a position in the competition. It all starts with a video that one must submit; along the lines of a sample of one’s voice. Once that step is completed if you are approved you must consequently partake in four auditions, which will allow you to be (or not) admitted to the next step which are formalities regarding the signing of documents agreeing to be on television as well as work with universal. Then another audition may take place which will decide the fate of the singer. If they pass this, they are admitted to the blind auditions which are the televised ones, which is…ANOTHER audition. Just to give a relative idea of the probability of making it thus far, there are about 5000 original applicants, which get filtered down to a mere 32! Jade made the cut!

Did the experience meet your expectations? Was there anything that disappointed you?

Jade’s experience was an overall very pleasant one, it was evidently exhilarating to have had the chance to showcase her talents on such a significant platform with regards to her art. What was particularly striking and satisfying about her experience were the extremely talented musicians which she encountered. Not to mention, all the people who helped her along her journey, in general. As well as, most importantly, her coaches. Jade branded it as “cool” which says a lot, from a young teen.

A potential downside to Jade’s experience at The Voice, was her discomfort at the company’s ‘absolute’ control. She did not particularly like that the coaches are very controlled, and that it is the company who carries out decisions such as; which songs are sung, and which person gets which coach.

What was the most climactic happy moment?

Undoubtedly, the ecstatic moment of being on-stage and performing for the cameras was quite the height of the total experience. It goes without saying that the “cherry on the cake” is the judges (and in Jade’s case all three) turning around. Jade confirmed all of this, and we can’t even begin to imagine how immensely thrilling that must be.

What impression did the entertainment industry have on you?

Jade claimed that the industry left a positive, lasting impression on her. It was horizontally good, and Jade was glad that through this embrace with the industry she has acquired the knowledge of what the ‘important people’ are looking for. This is so much the case that Jade has been inspired and is motivated to go further in the field of her passion, singing.

Did people at school react differently/strangely at school? Did more people approach you?

Unsurprisingly, Jade felt that people kind-of ‘flocked’ to her, as she was suddenly inundated by strangers asking to be her ‘friend’. This was a strange feeling, which made Jade feel as though she were being interrogated. The requests were even as absurd as boys asking her out (who, did not know her very well)! Despite this, she felt that the warm support from her close friends eclipsed this. Thus, she felt comfortable possessing the experience which she has.

Would you want another similar opportunity?

Following Jade’s previous impressions, she is more than happy to potentially partake in future, similar opportunities. She would definitely like to do it again, or perhaps even something along the lines of Belgium’s Got Talent!

Alessia Grech / S7ENA / EEB1 Uccle

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