A Sorrowful end to MUN 2022

It is 11:30 am on Sunday, 9th October 2022. All delegates, teachers, presidents, journalists and staff have gathered in a single teams meeting. After a weekend of formal debates, weeks of informal debates, months of researching and a full year of preparing for the Model United Nations 2022, it has all passed, and everybody is left with one more day. As general president Karolina de la Puente Ilieva introduces everybody to the meeting, the voting procedures begin, and ambassadors begin to vote in favor or against each and every resolution.

The closer in line the HCR committee gets, the more anxious delegates of Brazil and Hungary become. Brazil’s aim: to convince the ambassadors that the resolution is beneficial to all countries in the UN and get the ambassadors to vote in favor of the resolution. Hungary’s aim: point out the flaws of the resolution and persuade the ambassadors that the resolution does more harm than good. After two excellent speeches with great points, it seemed like an unstoppable force was colliding with an immovable object. After two minutes of voting time, the votes had come in. A large smile formed on the delegate of Brazil and her alliance, as co-president of the HCR committee Monica Stantchev announced the resolution to be accepted. Applause all around and euphoria for Brazil and DRC’s alliance, as they celebrate the result after a lot of hard work and will certainly remember this moment for the rest of their lives. Congratulations to Brazil and DRC’s alliance, and hard luck to the rest of the delegates who could not get the better of the dream team.

After the rest of the resolutions, it was time to conclude MUN 2022. Each president summarized their committee along with its best moments and gave their decision for best delegate of the committee. Co-presidents of the HCR committee Monica Stantchev and Clara Carvajal Zuleta de Reales thanked everybody in the committee for contributing to the debates and shared their favorite moments of the debates. Lastly, the co-presidents decided to award the best delegate of the committee to the delegate of Hungary, from the Lycée Eugène Regnault in Tanger, Morocco, who may not have bested Brazil and DRC’s alliance, but provided some great points of discussion and entertainment for the whole committee.

Finally, Karolina showed a video of the best moments of all committees, edited by Zofia Dymek, and everybody gave their heartfelt goodbyes, and thus MUN 2022 had concluded. All in all, MUN 2022 was lots of fun and a great experience for the students to practice formal debates and emulate what it is like to be a delegate of the United Nations.

My personal MUN 2022 experience

As a journalist in MUN 2022, I would definitely recommend the experience. It has been so much fun for me to watch the debates unfold, the ups and downs, the gossip boxes, and so much more. I could go on for hours on end recounting moments when I laughed out loud, got goosebumps, had my eyes glued to the screen… A truly unique experience that I recommend anybody takes if they get the opportunity.

I would like to take this moment to thank the event organizers and everybody involved for giving me the opportunity to document MUN 2022, the new friends I made along the way, and the great moments we all had as a community.

Thanks again to everybody, and here’s to the bright future of Model United Nations!

Gianluca Privitelli / S7ENa / EEB1 Uccle

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