« Art and science, Moving with the times »

The first « Art-Science » competition has being organized with the 5 European Schools of Brussels as part of the 10year anniversary of the Research Executive Agency (REA) of the European Commission.

The theme “Moving with the Times” was an exploration and representation of the links of all fields of science (math, physics, chemistry, life science, social and economic and social science, environmental science, and engineering) to the concept of time and movement.

What are the connections between art and science? It is about evolution, technology changes, life cycles, scientific and life processes, historical times, economic times, social times, calculation of time, numbers, movement…

The competition was open to secondary school students of the 5 European Schools of Brussels. In Uccle, more than 100 students participated. All levels from s1 to s7 were represented. EEB1 art teachers, and pupils have selected 12 students finalists: among them, Siiri BARDRAM, Veronica BARTA, s2, Aldo PROST, Bozhura MINKOVA s3, Marie OMBA s4, and Maria DYMEK s6.

After a round of a selection of 6 artworks within each school, the 30 finalists had their artwork on exhibit in the Covent Garden Art Atrium gallery on 29 April 2019.  A jury composed of artists, scientists, and Commission representatives selected the overall winners and prize award ceremony took place in the gallery, open to the artists and family guests. 10 Prizes in total: Leonardo da Vinci Prizes, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Prizes, REA10 Staff Choice, (each with 3 categories, juniors, middle, and seniors) and one special Covent Garden Community Prize.

2 artworks from EEB1 have been selected and 7 students received nice awards for their artworks. Students, their parents, and art teachers attended the ceremony, hold in Covent Garden atrium.

Leonardo da Vinci Prize Catégorie Junior: Caoimhe AVERSA, Ana BEVK, Sofia BORGHESE, Milena BUCZKOWA, Alessandra ROMANO, s1, Série sur les  Moyens de transport

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Prize Catégorie Seniors (S6): Hugo KOGLER VENTURA BAPTISTA & Claris ROSELMARD, Photographies

Congratulations to the winners!

And to all the participants of this art and science competition!

Image de tête d’article : TEAMWORK – S1 „Moyens de transport futuristes“ Sgraffito sur papier – 80 x 80 cm


Photo, 70 cm x 50 cm

We’ve come far in technologies advances and one of the newest creation is artificial intelligence development. I wanted to represent that by showing that robots might have human appearance, but inside it’s just electronics. And it doesn’t matter how much progress we make, we’ll never be able to fabricate humans with our technology.”   ROSELMARD Claris S6FRC








“LIFE” Photo, 70 cm x 50 cm


“The opioid crisis that is currently happening all over the world, is a serious problem. A problem that should be addressed because millions of people are suffering from opioid related addiction. I wanted to bring awareness by visually representing the fact that opioids mean life and bring life to the ones who depend on them. It’s time to use science to help use the shift into a safer opioid free future.” KOGLER VENTURA BAPTISTA Hugo S6FRC






Notification / Encres et Aquarelle sur papier – 50×70 cm

“My work represents what can happen if we keep acting in those toxic ways and doing things in our environment over times. It is clearly shown : we are going to fall if we do not stop in the future. But I really wanted to give a message, mainly to teenagers, because the bigger and most visible character is a teenager (the future generation) that doesn’t care of what is happening …Why? He is busy on his phone. For scientific elements, I didn’t want to be too obvious -except for the galaxy- they are hidden, My art work is a warning and an encouragement to move for the future. “ MARIE OMBA  – S4 FRC







Acrylique sur papier – 50×50 cm

« Ma peinture représente un homme portant un masque à gaz. Aujourd’hui, l’air de la planète est respirable mais ce ne sera peut-être plus le cas dans un futur éloigné si l’humanité ne cesse pas sa pollution. Mon dessin est donc une mise en garde contre les risques de pollution. Si l’air devenait irrespirable, seule une minorité de personnes pourrait survivre. C’est pourquoi il y a le trèfle à quatre feuilles sur le masque. » Aldo PROST s3 fra







Black hole energy and time collector Peinture, encres et aquarelle sur papier – 50x50cm

“This machine, if I can really call it a machine, collects energy from Black holes and uses it to provide energy for small universes around it. What inspires me is the fact that time is different at the horizon of events of a black hole. And it is gravitational dilatation which means that an object getting close to the horizon of events, is getting slower and slower. It is funny, because it is impossible that an object of this density evn deforms space, can’t be sucked by another machine.  But this machine is the fruit of my imagination, and I decided to make it that way.” MINKOVA BOZHURA – S3 FRC







“The girl who touched the galaxy.” Acrylique sur toile – 50×60 cm

“Here is a story about a girl who touched the galaxy. Though her body stayed on earth, her soul flied to the stars. She took the brightest one and hid it in her heart. When the time came to land back, the girl realised something.  Her soul has changed.“ Maria DYMEK – S6pla


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