Edgar Allan Poe inspires not only fear, but works of art!

EEB1 S3L2 students in Ms. Sidney’s English class read five short stories from Gothic horror writer, Edgar Allan Poe during the month of October. After finishing the stories, the students chose their favorite narrative to bring to life in the form of a movie poster. Students could work alone or with one other person. They could use paints, pens and collage materials to create their masterpiece. Once the students completed their posters, each student voted for their favorite three posters. 

First place was a tie – Marta Costa Casaleiro and Yasmina Fall; Second place – Yann Güllner; Third place (working together) Oskar Kovačič and Luis Andres Luaces.  Even though there could only be three winning spots, each student did their best to make beautiful posters. If you want to see them, they are on the 2nd floor in Platon.

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