Biking Against Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time: Green political parties are gaining votes all around Europe and dedicated activists are organising protests, asking for legislation that aims to protect our planet.

Naturally, our school is no exception; in fact, this September, the two S7 Geo 4 EN classes have organised “Biking Against Climate Change” in the Bois the la Cambre to raise awareness in a fun way. The focus was, of course, biking, but that is not all – it was possible to take part in many other activities, like face paint or slackline. Besides, the group also used the opportunity to collect donations for an other ongoing project.

Why biking?

Bicycles, as the green alternative to cars, can almost be seen as a symbol for environment protection. Biking to school and work instead of driving is a simple change to make, but the benefits are very high: not only does it reduce greenhouse-gas emission, it is also cheaper and healthier. This event wanted to popularise this change that everybody can make.

Besides of being a very useful activity, biking is also a lot of fun. Therefore, it was the perfect tool for raising awareness to the very important issue of climate change in an enjoyable way. Multiple races were organised during the day, their length depending on the age group of the participants.

Other activities

This event was not exclusively organised for bikers. If you are not a fan, that is perfectly fine – there were many other things to do as well. It was possible to participate with scooters and roller skates in the races, as well as trying slackline and other outdoor games. But there was a more serious objective as well: the organisers were raising funds for solar panels for a school in Brazil. This is a long-term project of the two classes. Do you now feel like you missed out on a lot? Don’t worry! You can participate next year.

Lilla H / S7HU / EEB1 – Uccle

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