This year’s MUNUCCLE will be partly online

We have had the priviledge to interview Thaissa Trace, the MUNuccle head of logistics and a 16-year-old Irish and Filipino student of EEB1. She has expressed her excitement regarding the upcoming MUNUCCLE which will take place in october despite the Covid-19 crisis! 

“As head of Logistics, my job is to make sure everything is running smoothly during and before the conference, such as preparing the rooms, designing the posters and preparing the food”.

As the head of logistics Thaissa also assures that all the necessary measures will be put in place in order to prevent any further Covid 19 infections.

In order to oversee this crucial aspect of the MUNUCCLE, she has had several previous experiences at MUNs, including last year’s MUNUCCLE.

 “I was a journalist in last year’s MUNUCCLE, but I ended up helping out in the debates since they were short on Ad staff. I really enjoyed last year’s MUNUCCLE since I was surrounded by my friends and the facilities last year were amazing. We had the honour to use one of the buildings as Schuman for the whole conference and it felt so cool”.

There is not a single person that has participated in the MUNUCCLE and was disappointed by it. It is emotional to see how students such as Thaissa take interest in projects that require a certain level of maturity when it comes to work, formality of the language and effort. It is a shame that this year’s MUNUCCLE will be partly online because many students might lack the motivation and enthusiasm. However, Thaissa sees this as the perfect opportunity to boost the morale of the debates and make them more interesting since only the students that have a true passion for MUN’s will join.

“It’s the smaller things such as getting to talk to someone at lunch or during lobbying that we’ll miss”.

Like every year, there is a large number of students who will take part in the model for the first time. It is normal to be stressed, but they really have nothing to fear because the formal talking, the debating and the reading will all come naturally once the time is right.

“I don’t know anyone who wasn’t scared for their first MUN and most still get nervous no matter how many they’ve done. But especially this year because I have quite a big job which the whole conference relies on so that’s quite stressful”.

I hope this will reassure newcomers and make them understand that if they are freaking out, the person sitting next to them at the conference will probably be too. Besides, if you feel intimidated by others, there is really no reason. To reassure herself, Thaissa reminds herself: “they’re strangers and I won’t have to see them ever again so there really is no reason to be scared”.

Maria Auxiliadora Victoria Valpuesta

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