L’oeil du Munuccle behind the scenes – A word from the head of the press

Our first steps as the editeurs en chef

We were assigned our positions by Carlotta in early 2020. Our first task was to recruit journalists in order to put a press team together. We did this by putting up ads on our social media accounts and about ten people got back to us. We then participated in a formation session led by M. Gourvennec where we learned about Article structure and planned the logistics of the Munuccle newsletter (L’oeil du Munuccle). Following the chaos from last year’s press team, where the overuse of paper proved itself inefficient, we decided that it would be best to publish online with a link leading to eurscmag. Thanks to M. Gourvennec’s assistance and support we were able to publish numerous articles written by our hard-working journalists.

The journalist’s experience

All in all our journalist affirm that they enjoyed the munuccle and that they have learned much from it, however they all find not being able to intervene in the debates frustrating. Especially now with the Munuccle being online they find that their job was lacked social interaction. 

We have gathered some quotes from our journalists, asking them to report on their personal experience. Luca Gulmanelli mentioned: “When I was first offered this job, I was not sure how to do it. Thankfully Carlotta and the head of press taught us well enough. I find it satisfying writing articles. Although it might be a little stressful keeping up with the deadlines, we have each other’s back in our journalist team.”  Mathilde Paquet added: “ I do enjoy journalism… I sometimes get caught up in the debate and start making up arguments, coming from my past experience as a delegate”. Leonie reported: “the debates are extremely interesting, however as a result of not being able to intervene I sometimes find it hard to engage in the discussion and tend to doze off easily”. Gabriel Atlan and many others strongly related to this feeling.

The editeur en chef’s experience

It’s been an enriching experience, as we learned to manage a team online and we are truly grateful for the adventure so far. However, we cannot deny that we were quite disappointed at the fact of the Munuccle being online. Both having participated in the live Munuccle last year (Peter as a journalist and Charlotte as a delegate), we had specific expectations. Not having been able to meet all of our journalists in real life was definitely a slight regret for us. However, we have made the best out of it, creating a WhatsApp group chat to communicate with all our journalists and organised online meetings. We have also grown closer to the journalists of our school with whom we interacted frequently also in real life. Finally, we would like to give a special mention to Carlotta, she has helped us and the journalists a lot, being key to the functioning of this year’s press team.

Charlotte Keller (S7DE) and Peter Dyrberg (S7ES), éditeurs en chef du Munuccle 2020

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