The monster in my mind

I’m tumbling

I’m falling

down an endless ravine

I’m drowning

I’m trapped

In the same old routine

Can’t run

Can’t hide

Can’t escape from my mind

Tears me up

Hurts me

Eats me inside

Can’t open up

without being judged

All feelings numb

I’m constantly drugged

It’s a constant war

In me


Life’s upside down

Everything is grey

I’m helpless

I’m weak

Weight of the world on my back

Only a matter of time

before I crack

And die



My only escape

The clock is ticking

No way out

Only a matter of time

before the candle blows out

I’m lowering the curtain of life

ending my strife

All the world’s a stage

All men merely players

Last scene of all

time’s finally up

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.


Julian.D, S5ENa/EEB1

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6 pensées sur “The monster in my mind

  • 7 février 2018 à 11 h 42 min

    Wow, really impressive! Really moving and well written, please post more!

  • 7 février 2018 à 11 h 43 min

    very interesting, quite disturbing…

  • 7 février 2018 à 11 h 58 min

    Amazingly well written, very deep, good job!

  • 7 février 2018 à 12 h 00 min

    Well done Julian. Beautifully written. Would like to see more of your work. Keep it up and keep it coming please.

  • 7 février 2018 à 19 h 01 min

    This is so good! Love the rhyme scheme, and the short lines right after each other… the poem itself is very intimate and you have shown your most vulnerable thoughts, congrats for posting it!


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