MUNUCCLE and Esmol

This year, Munuccle 2021 will take place from October 1st to October 3rd- a long weekend that will be filled with nerve-racking online debates, tiresome reports and (hopefully) memories of a lifetime.

However, the preparation that actually allowed Munuccle to happen took place almost ten months ago; back in January.

Munuccle is a model United Nations event that started for the students of EEB1, and over the years has gained more and more popularity, thus opening up to more European schools; for example, this year, students from Esmol have the chance to participate.

Two chairs from EsMol

Hannah Wenzl and Hieronymus Johnson, the presidents in charge of Munuccle in Esmol, worked hard together with EEB1 earlier this year to discuss the main topic for the debates taking place this October, and it was decided that the theme would be: the world after the Covid-19 pandemic. On top of that, they learned tips and tricks from EEB1’s presidents, and held meetings with them to write reports about topics like human rights, climate change and discrimination.

Participants for Mun were finally recruited in early September, and since Esmol is notably small- having roughly only seven hundred students- the word about Munuccle spread fast. So in the first mock debate, held on the 10th of September, a generous dozen of students showed up, willing to flex their debating muscle, which for some was still quite rusty. With enough preparation though, including position papers, more meetings, informal debates, and the help of volunteer teachers, Esmol’s delegates quickly learned what it took to become an active part in the wonderful, if not taxing, experience of Munuccle.

Laura Malerba

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